Monday, May 2, 2016

Gotta Love Prince Harry

So, I like Prince Harry.

Actually, I quite like the trio of Harry, William and Kate.

BUT: This photo makes me like Prince Harry even more.

Look at at this magnanimous, graceful gesture: a prince, getting down on his hands and knees in order to meet and greet a wounded warrior in a wheelchair at eye level.

Can you, in your wildest dreams, ever imagine President Obama making a similarly humane gesture? President Obama, the most classless American President ever, only makes it a regular habit to bow to the most disgusting, undeserving and odious of world "leaders".

Prince Harry's small gesture here is actually a very real and very grand testament to his personal humility, grace and good breeding.

This is really quite a remarkable image.

I'm shocked there hasn't been any comment about this particular image in the mainstream media.