Friday, July 28, 2017

Calgary Soldier Who Served At Dunkirk Goes to See the Film

I watched the video of this brave, stoic former soldier and got terribly upset. 

It was very hard to watch him remember, to watch him talk about the mates he lost and about how humans are so smart but are still prone to war.
But most upsetting to me was thinking about the sacrifices made by him and his mates, only to have Europe voluntarily surrender to Islamic nihilism, and to becoming a caliphate only a few precious decades after so many fine, good, men made the ultimate sacrifice to liberate Europe from the Nazis.

It's an insidiously evil betrayal and I find it hard to talk about without getting completely overcome with anger and frustration.

Mark Steyn calls it the biggest story of our time.

It certainly is, and it's amazing to me that even in the context of such bloody obvious occasions such as when we discuss the fight to liberate Europe from evil with the remaining survivors, that nobody mentions the current deadly Green Curtain enveloping Europe.

Very sinister stuff.

And very irreversible.