Thursday, July 20, 2017

Ottawa: Background Investigator Resigns, Says Somali Canadian Hired for "Diversity" Purposes

This story really, really, really stinks. 

It's disgraceful.

"The investigator’s report found that the applicant had a handful of speeding infractions, four licence suspensions and had attempted to get a new licence while his was suspended. Benson found 16 convictions under the Highway Traffic Act."

Benson also raised red flags regarding a 2013 incident where the applicant falsely phoned police, according to the report. Police found he had a history of negative behaviour when pulled over by police and that he had several different dates of birth on file.

Benson also found inconsistencies in the application. The applicant had said he was selected by the Somali government for a program, but the report found that a friend had actually been selected and that the friend asked the applicant to go in his place instead.

The application was, however, supported by multiple letters of recommendation from people already employed at the police force.

Benson’s letter of resignation says: “I have lost faith in the integrity of the constable selection process.”