Friday, July 14, 2017

Mark Steyn: Azerbaijani Sunshine on CNN's Shoulder

At first I thought the title allusion was to this great tune but alas.

I really dig the bromance between these two characters. 

Now I must also point out once again that Tucker Carlson has excellent style. I love his preppy look and his doe eyed, bemused look. Not to be picky BUT I think his tie knot should be a little larger. Yes, it's none of my business and no, I don't care.

Actually, I'm really not in much of a position to make demands of right wing men and their ties as my dear husband has only worn a tie twice for as long as I've known him: once at our engagement party and once at our wedding. And no, I'm not kidding (see: Israeli men).

But really, isn't the most important part of this interview Mark Steyn's lovely outfit? I mean, seriousy SHUT UP about the baby blue/grey colour scheme. It's just grand!

Well played, Mark Steyn!

Sorry, what were we talking about? Politics? Putin? Poutine?

For some reason, I just got totally distracted!

Is it hot in here or something?!??!


The other thing I forgot to mention is that Tucker had a great line about the Meltdown Left in another clip-that I am TOTALLY GOING TO STEAL LIBERATE: "emotional incontinence".

I wonder if he made that up? If so, I'm really, really pissed at myself for not thinking of it. Crap.

Mark also makes an excellent point about the reactive nature of American politics. I would actually characterize this as a kind of post-facto butch syndrome. Everyone is SO tough, so butch about the wars that have already been won, so smart about tactics when there is no skin in the game.

It's a lot harder, and takes far more courage and fortitude to stake out a position in the present regarding the future.

By the way, does anyone else think that it would be ridiculously fun to be at the sleaziest bar in Baku with these two guys? I actually think that Tucker and Mark should offer up this opportunity in a raffle, with all proceeds going to Mark's lawsuit against Herr Doktor Hockey Schtick.

It could be like a right-wing Make a Wish type of thing. Raffle off the evening to the highest bidder! I myself would pay quite a number of shiny shekels for this opportunity! Or perhaps an opportunity to pay for a chance to be their Baku Singer at a gig.

(In case you're wondering, I'm actually completely serious about this raffle idea, I am not joking.)

So anyway, watch this clip and enjoy.