Monday, July 24, 2017

They Got Murdered Because They Were Jews

Was too upset to write about this earlier.

But if you do not condemn this barbarism with every fibre of your being, and with every last breath, you are not a human whose opinion is worth considering. If you can look at the pictures of the blood on the kitchen floor, look at what a savage terrorist did to these Jews just because they were Jews, while siting at their Sabbath dinner table and not feel rage, then you are not a human I can ever have a conversation with.

This is a sick, sick "culture". This is the death cult. This blood lust has to be fought and won. This Nazi spirit needs to be quashed.

This will not happen "only" to Jews. This will happen until it is stopped. This will start happening in North America.

Not even animals do this. Animals rescue their young, animals rescue humans and other species of animals.
I have no time for the barbarians who do this, and no time for anyone who makes excuses for them.

It's not "just" about the Jews. 

It's about the future of the West. It's never "just" about the Jews.

By the way, we Jews are amazingly stupid and cheapen our very own blood by providing medical care to these savage, disgusting, evil humans in Israeli hospitals. Being this stupid, and this obliviously naive as to think that "the world" will think we are "nice" because "we don't stoop to their level"  is nothing to brag about on social media.

It's actually a Hillul Hashem, a pitiful and woeful desecration of G-d's name.