Friday, July 14, 2017

Friday Link Dump!

Real life has been very busy once again, but I do have a pile of links saved up for your reading edification.


Trump Defends the West in Warsaw 

Trump's Anti-Cairo Speech 

Where is the money Linda Sarsour raised for the Jewish cemetery? Any lefty sucker who donated to this ridiculous We Are the World fantasy taqiyah operation deserves having his or her money wasted.


France is Disgusting 

Europe is doomed : “Wir schaffen das." MY TUCHUS.

Read this and then try to convince me that Germany is not suicidal. 

Douglas Murray: In Europe it's the leading elites versus the citizenry 

Someone get Granny Macron a stylist STAT. I seriously am finding it hard to believe she is French.

Europe funds its own suicide