Thursday, July 27, 2017

Demographics Are Destiny: Birthplace of Liberty Becomes Dar Al Islam

I don't think these transformations happen by accidents.

Demographics are destiny.

But destinations are also their demographics.

Via Amy Mek (who you should follow on Twitter if you don't already):

"Muslim Town: A look inside Philadelphia's thriving Muslim culture." 

This little bit caught my eye:

It so happens that even the Christian people are giving their kids Arabic names like Ayesha, Khadija, Khalil,” said Ahmad Nuruddin, a native-born black Philadelphian who converted to Islam in his 20s and now serves as a leader within the city’s Ahmadiyya Muslim community, part of a predominantly South Asian sect.

"Nuruddin described his own conversion experience like this: “There were a lot of Muslims in Philadelphia, so I thought: ‘Maybe I should see if it’s something I could use. … Maybe I should see if there is something there for me.'” 

"So one day, he picked up a Koran."

This is the story of Europe and of North America, and the First World. Everywhere Judeo-Christian religion is in decline, Islam is happy to pick up the slack.