Tuesday, July 18, 2017

"Temple Denialism"

So, I think that's a good phrase-I can't take credit for it, I got it from a Daniel Silva novel I was just reading ("The Fallen Angel" in case you're interested).

Anyway, there is a very concerted attempt by Jew-haters the world over to de-Judaize Israel and lots of resources put toward Temple Denial. 

Jew haters be warned: you will fail.

The attempts to de-Judaize Israel and to Temple Denial and to compare Jews to Nazis are the pathetic attempts by Jew-haters to hit Jews where it hurts most. That's on the intellectual level. Then, the terrorists attempt to hurt us to destroy us where it physically and emotionally and spiritually hurts us most: our children. We will still be around despite the best efforts to destroy us, our land and our history. You will not own or change or deny our history.

Jews come from Judea.

We never left and we never will.