Monday, July 3, 2017

SAD! ISIS Fighters Returning to Europe Finding It Hard To Get a Job

This is like the totally most sobby soooooo soooooper sad story I have read today!

I have heard of people struggling to explain "gaps" in their employment history but this is ridiculous.

Can you imagine?

You go and put your heart and soul into slaughtering the infidels on behalf of the world caliphate, do your jihad and then go back to the stinking kufar lands and those horrible sons of pigs and apes will not employ you! 

Herewith are some suggestions on how to tweak the old ISIS curriculum vitae  into something a little more workable for the big return. I am so good at resumes. YUGE!

Instead of 'infidel head choppery" ==> skilled at precision tools, knife sharpening and butchery skills.

Instead of "minded the sex slaves" ==> supervisor of day care centre for middle school aged girls.

I could go on, but you have the idea.


PS: Why in the hell are these people being let back into the (dumbass) civilized countries that a) they left and b) that they are the sworn enemies of.  Why are we even having this discussion?

PPS: Dumb dhimmi Western governments have it all wrong. First of all, don't let the jihad into your country. But if the jihad gets in, and the jihadi wants to get out-let him out, don't jail him or confiscate his passport. Then, don't let him back. GEEZ.