Friday, October 26, 2012

Ann Coulter's "Retard" Tweet

So far, I haven't been terribly impressed by Ann Coulter's critics.

That's mostly because I don't think most of her current critics-on this particular issue-had the same vociferous reaction when Trig Palin was being mocked.

I believe this is a language policing issue. Ann Coulter is right not to apologize.

CNN actually said that President Obama was given more time because he "speaks lower". In other words, that his speech was retarded, slowed down. But nobody seems to be having a hissy fit that CNN called the President retarded.

I have a mentally handicapped child. A retarded child. One of his issues is mental retardation. That means he intellectually slow, slower than other children his age. I don't really care what anyone calls him.

I've written about this before. 

I care about how he is treated, I care if he has a meaningful life. I care about his life being the best it can be. I object to "retard" being used as an insult, it's what some people are, but it is a colloquialism that a lot of people still use, and SO WHAT?

The words that are used to describe mentally disabled people are not the issue. The issue is how they are treated and how much respect their is for their lives. Do all the holier than thous respect these individual lives, or are they just putting on a show.

It's sort of like empathy kabuki theatre.

What it really is, is a token platitude covering up a general discomfort with disability.

The other thing is, I wonder how most of these people, who are so exquisitely offended by the term "retard"-when used by Ann Coulter, feel about mentally retarded people in general. Have they ever met any?

I think a large number of them take the position that individuals with disabilities are better off not born. I think the majority of them find retarded people repellant and disgusting. And that is what troubles me much more than the word "retarded".

The left loathes disabled people. Read up on Margaret Sanger and Peter Singer-just to name a few. Read what the National SOCIALISTS did to their own disabled flesh and blood. They perfected their murder techniques on their own disabled children, before refining mechanized murder against the Jews.

Are these same individuals in favour of "allowing" Down Syndrome individuals the privilege of being born?