Friday, October 12, 2012


Yes, our culture is superior to theirs.

Ladies reading this blog-remember every day you wake up on this beautiful planet, thank G-d that you were not born a female in these G-d forsaken crapholes. If you have daughters, they should say the same thing. Consider the blessings that you have being able to raise your children in a truly free society.

Girls are chattel in these countries, they never have a childhood and most likely-never will. 


This is the real war on women.

Not free contraceptives for overgrown crybaby chicks in America.

The web site where the photographs come from is Too Young To Wed. Kudos to those who bring these issues to our attention and to those who try to make a difference in this utterly despicable practice. 
 Speaking of barbarians:

Two other anniversaries are on my mind.

Arrests were made earlier this year in the October 12, 2000 lynching.  

And this one: 


Families mark 12 years as trials wear on....


Listen to Mark Steyn on Hugh Hewitt's show. Steyn is rightly pissed. 

A great interview. Listen to the whole thing. Thanks to Kathy for posting it.