Sunday, October 28, 2012

"This is a simple tool to change behaviour."

I was reading an article about garbage collection yesterday in my local newspaper. I know-I lead a crazy, exciting life...

I should preface by saying that in my area, we have garbage collection once every two weeks. We have pick up of green bins (for biodegradable waste) every week, and pick up of blue boxes (for glass, metal, paper and other recyclables) every week as well.

In other words, I already deal with three different types of garbage and sort things dutifully, if not somewhat resentfully.

Here's what I read about the garbage plan for a neighbouring area: 

They want everyone in the area to use clear garbage bags. Ostensibly, it is a public safety issue for the garbage collectors. However, there is more: 

"Clear bags also allow operators to refuse pickup if there are banned items or recyclables in the bag. A notice can be placed on the resident’s door as well as recycling education material from the city. In extreme cases, a fine can be issued if the problem persists."

"But some councillors fear that could send a negative message that the city is looking and judging you by your garbage."

“It’s time to see what’s in the bag,” Ms Marsales said. “This is a simple tool to change behaviour.

"Privacy is also an issue. Through the new program, residents would be allowed one opaque privacy bag. Also, residents have the option to put the clear bag into a garbage bin."

No one is going to scrape through your leftover spaghetti to get to your personal information,” she said.

Do you feel reassured now?