Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Speech Police Terrorize Professor Emeritus an

The totalitarian impulse is very, very strong in this story from Queen's University. 

Hat tip: Blazing Cat Fur

I'm so bored of Safe Space Cultists and the members of the Church of the Perpetually Aggrieved and Offended!

"Michael Mason’s 50-year teaching career ended on a sour note. Last fall, his history classes at Queen’s University were abruptly cancelled after he was accused of making racist and sexist comments in the classroom. He had used the terms “rag head,” “towel head,” “japs” and “little yellow sons of bitches.” A student complained that his “borderline racist comments” made her “very uncomfortable."

"The complaint about the “mistresses” remark, he says, came from a female graduate student in gender studies who had been appointed his TA."

Fatal mistake:  Agreeing to have a Gender Studies moron as your TA.

Here's the part that is most upsetting:

"The department chair sent him a letter of reprimand, saying he had contravened the university’s equity policy. He was summoned to a meeting, where he was told he had failed to create a “safe space” for students."

You know what? I've had it UP TO HERE with that imbicilic phrase "safe space".

Screw that idiotic, bone-headed, soft-totalitarian, wimped up, limp d&cked, sucky, whiny, pathetic concept up and down and sideways.

"Safe space" is for p&ssies.

Kudos to the Canadian Association of University Teachers for siding with Professor Mason.