Friday, October 12, 2012

Good Debate Summary Here

I watched about half of the debate between Biden and Ryan with my eldest.

It was disgusting the way Biden started off with a whopper about Libya, and how no extra security was requested, and the proceeded to smirk and interrupt Ryan constantly and without rebuke from the moderator.

Biden represents everything that disgusts me about the left. He is the epitome of an over confident, lying, arrogant bully with little concern for facts or reality.

I also felt like Ryan could have been a bit more assertive. He was very polite to his incredibly debate partner.

Anyway, here is a good summary: 

"Ryan made no mistakes and kept his cool. Conservatives wanted more full-throated arguments for their policies but Ryan was not about that tonight - his game plan was to be calm and reasonable and make the case that this election is a clear choice between bluster and excuses about the last four years and a plan to change things."