Tuesday, October 23, 2012

President Obama's Remarkable Holocaust Cheap Shot


So, Obama went to Yad Vashem. 

Big deal. 

"A president who attends a fundraiser in Las Vegas  the day after four Americans are killed in Libya probably shouldn’t be throwing elbows on this issue. No, Romney didn’t visit Yad Vashem in 2008, but he did unequivocally call Jerusalem the capital of Israel in 2012. One of these things is deeply meaningful to Barack Obama; the other is meaningful to Israel."

The mandatory wreath-laying visits to Yad Vashem actually make me cringe. 

They are terrible, and most Israelis couldn't care less about these meaningless photo-ops. And laying wreaths frankly is not even a Jewish thing to do

We Jews don't do wreaths. If anything is left at a grave, it is a stone. A simple stone, picked up from the side of the road. Not garish flowers that the dead can't smell. It is a pity that Israel has adapted this distinctly non-Jewish tradition for PR purposes.

Mitt Romney has made public policy commitments to living Jews in Israel. Obama's policies endanger Jews. 

No comparison.