Tuesday, October 30, 2012

My Kind of Rabbi!

You gotta read this-this is a truly Rockin Righteous Rebbe!

Real Leaders Don't Promote Dependency. 


"We Americans were not placed on this earth to be dependents controlled by a ruling class.  Those accused of "not caring" are more likely to be guided, actually, by the spirit of Genesis, which says that a human reaches his majesty not by finding reasons to shirk responsibility, but in overcoming his challenges and rising to his moral potential through work and sacrifice."

"A sense of entitlement too often leads to ingratitude: why be grateful for that which one has been told is rightfully his?  Entitlement-societies seem to have little compassion for those who work hard and follow the rules, and see fairness as something due those claiming victimhood but not those who are straight-laced and buttoned down."

"It corrupts moral language by imputing greed to those wanting to retain the fruit of their labor for family while whitewashing the actual greed of those who demand what belongs to others.

It's a must read.


I love this piece.

Go Rabbi Spero, go!