Friday, October 26, 2012

Surveying the Mannscape

Mark Steyn has some "cheap ad hominem cracks" about the upcoming climate change-hockey stick law suit. 

I'm rather looking forward to the entire concept of "climate change" being put on trial.

Nothing on the Penn State home page about this.

I thought this was sort of freaky, buried at the bottom of the home page. One third of 119 recommendations implemented, replete with flowcharts, etc...

I really cannot imagine the talk around the faculty lounge water cooler cappuccino maker or the media office.

Penn State is just barely, barely "recovering" from the Sandusky affair.

How delighted do you think the senior administration and governing bodies are at the prospect of another massive headline-grabbing, world-class lawsuit taking place?

I'm thinking: not so much but then again, I'm not terribly bright.