Sunday, October 28, 2012

"Sharia Killed Ambassador Chris Stevens"

This is a good summary of the Benghazi murders. 

There are some mainstream media outlets that are actually publicizing the details of the attack.

However, most are so deeply entrenched in the Obama camp, that they are trying to get away with not writing anything more about it.

People are dead, it was a silly little event-no big deal! Move on, cast your vote!

There is a virtual mainstream media blackout on this subject. 

It is a big deal. A really big deal.

President Clinton was impeached for his sexual misadventures, various lies and story-telling, strange definitions of sexual relations and his odd affection for a somewhat hapless, zaftig Jewish intern who so enthusiastically serviced him in the White House.

Disgusting, however nobody died.

The second 9/11 and the cover is far worse, and far more chilling.

Is the timing just wrong for impeachment proceedings just because of the upcoming election? I don't know enough about American election procedures to make a statement about this. I am curious though about it.

If President Obama is re-elected, that should be the first order of business by the Republicans with any spine. If he is not elected, there are still plenty of complicit officials who will no doubt, be retaining their positions and should be thoroughly investigated.

There is a moral obligation to the families of the victims to get to the truth, and to fully expose the scope of the betrayal of their children by their own President and his cohorts and closest advisors.