Thursday, October 18, 2012

Barry Rubin: Obama's Flimsy Excuses About the Middle East

"While of course we should acknowledge that the United States had only so much influence over the Middle East during Obama’s term, that does not change the fact that it did have considerable influence. And it was largely used in the service of extremists, not moderates, America’s enemies and not America’s friends."

Speaking of the Middle East, here's a more encouraging voice for the region. 

I disagree with Shimon Peres on just about everything, but being vocal about calling for the overthrow of the Ayatollah regime in Iran is a good thing. Unfortunately, with the current administration in the White House-Iranian democrats, young people, women and students will once again be thrown to the wolves. They should probably wait until November!

Iran needs, in America, a Reagan equivalent, or at least "Reagan-ish" in order to achieve anything that even remotely resembles democracy.