Thursday, October 4, 2012

Finland Has Nothing to Worry About Except the Jewish Penis

Or, so one would think given the latest debates in that strange country. 

Instead of having a frank debate about limiting immigration from certain, non-democratic countries, they are focusing on religious circumcision.
"Simon Livson, The Chief Rabbi of Finland, is worried. “A ban on circumcision would practically end Jewish life in Finland as we know it. Circumcision is an intrinsic part of our identity. If you criminalize it, you will criminalize an essential part of Judaism.”

Of course, this is an area where left wing and right wing Jew-haters can get along nicely, and still rarely discuss the main reasons why their country is heading down the crapper.

"It seems that the current European zeitgeist is conducive to arguments that want to ban circumcision. The debate has made some very strange bedfellows. The new right and the left have found common cause: the left is deeply secular and does not believe that religion can dictate one’s life and views all religions as largely archaic, while the populist right wants to hinder Muslim efforts to make Europe their home."
Europe is no place for Jews.