Sunday, October 7, 2012

Gender Bending In Canada

Otherwise known as grooming, pedophilia, etc...

Kathy and Arnie and SUN TV have done the lion's share of posting on this stuff. 

I just want to relay an anecdote that a contact of mine shared with me last week.

This person is more politically liberal than I am, but she was deeply disturbed by the washroom and the veggie-sex issues relating to the Toronto District School Board. Actually, she was outraged.

I told her that is about grooming children, and de-sensitizing them against their proper, normal modesty about sex. It's about control, and breaking down the nuclear family. It's very Gramscian.

She said that she was at a park in her neighbourhood of Toronto and her children were playing with a young girl with long curly blonde hair and a pink shirt. She started to make small talk with the mother, and said how nice it was that her kids were playing so nicely with that woman's daughter.

The woman paused and said-actually, that's my son.

My friend didn't know what to do except to say "oh, OK".

I asked her if she noticed that these mental cases never experiment with their own "gender" issues, that they just turn their children into living "gender" experiments, and that I feel it's a form of child abuse.

She agreed.

But worse-her kids, on the way home said how much they liked playing with that little girl. My friend said she didn't know what to do. She told her kids that actually, that was a little boy. Her kids were freaking out. They insisted the child was a girl. There was no way, they said, that that child was a boy. The argued with her the whole way home.

Several hours later, her youngest came to her out of the blue, hysterial and bawling her eyes out, once again insisting that it was a little girl she had played with.

My friend, practically with tears in her eyes, wondered if she had done the right thing by telling her kids about this folly, or if she should have lied to her own children to protect them.

Her child is still freaked out.

This to me illustrates how these social engineering experiments are meant to destroy children-directly and indirectly. The impact is not just on the children directly involved with a particularly unstable parent or teacher, but much wider and much more devastating.

What will be the tipping point?

I have no idea.