Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Wake Up Jews!

A desperate plea from Rabbi Aryeh Spiro to the Jews of America.

"The prophet Daniel saw the writing on the wall.  All too often throughout our history, we Jews, and especially heads of major Jewish organizations, have failed to see the writing on the wall.  We are afraid to see that which is a game-changer, and so we deny events we wish were not happening."

"It is clear that Mr. Obama's underlying sympathy is with the Muslim Brotherhood and its spread and influence around the world.  He is coaxing us to accept Islamic attitudes and norms.  This speaks volumes -- to those willing to see the facts as they truly are."
"My friends, get off the train, now.  The track is pointing in a very dangerous direction.  You will not prevail over the trend; on the contrary, you will become part of the trend.  As an elder clergyman, I'm horrified as I watch many Jews -- young and old -- slowly evolve into proponents of positions unwholesome, dangerous, and destined toward spiritual and physical suicide."