Thursday, October 3, 2013

Age As A French Woman Does

Great article.

Ladies-read the WHOLE THING.

It really does echo a lot of stuff that I have been writing about for years.

I spent a summer in France and noticed a lot of these things-even when I was just a teenager.

The whole part about staying fit and staying slim is great, but the wardrobe bit is right on the money:

"What is it about French women's outfits that makes them appear so chic? It's down to attitude. While most of us feel uncomfortable being looked at, Frenchwomen love it. And though they may look a million dollars, they are far from profligate."

"It's all about constructing a classic collection. Yes, there may be a few expensive items but they'll be cherished - and adjusted over the years by a seamstress."

"Fit is imperative. As the decades roll by, figure-hugging becomes curve-skimming and sleeves can be added to hide the upper arms."

"French favourites include a black leather pencil skirt, [Ed. note: Great idea, must look into this...], peasant blouses and little black dresses. Stick to a neutral palette - colour appears in accessories.

"One friend has been wearing the same YSL skirt for 30 years. She makes it work for Paris, the countryside and weddings. She is a devoted markdown shopper and scours the outlets and favourite obscure boutiques."

"This is the definition of chic - an eclectic mix of High Street and designer, new and old, mixed together to reflect your personality."

I would add to the French classics-a good navy or black blazer and also, a fitted white cotton shirt, and the most expensive scarf you can afford*. 

One day-my Hermès day you will sit on my neck, my pretty!!!

(*If there are any rich, horny, ailing, elderly men reading who have a thing for giving presents to right wing, Jewish, suburban blogging mothers without any obligation, you know just because IT'S THE RIGHT THING TO DO and FOR THE CHILDREN, think Hermès scarf. Thank you.)