Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Ezra Levant and His Lawfare Trial: Return of the Sock and a New Twist

So, I'm thinking that Ezra might be the target of tag team viciousness as he enters his lawfare trial, facing off against The Sock. 

Clayton Ruby is representing The Sock.

Kathy Draidle's background piece is here-read it, it's a good one. 

Just last week, Ezra completely humiliated St. David Suzuki of the Church of the Hypocrite Gaia Worshippers. 

It was a veritable SUZUKICIDE.

The Judge in the proposed environmental mock-trial was meant to be Justice Harriet Sachs. 

Justice Harriet Sachs is married to Clayton Ruby.

I hope Justice Sachs is not assigned to Mr. Levant's case.

That would be odd, to say the least.

I bet Judge Sachs and Clayton Ruby are pretty pissed at Ezra right now.

Here is a flashback to some comments made by Clayton Ruby at a dinner party (I wasn't invited, but Christie Blatchford helpfully wrote about it, based on a Star article).

(Original Star article right here.)

"In April of 2010, Toronto Star food writer Corey Mintz wrote a piece headlined “My dinner with Clayton Ruby.”
At it were some of Mr. Mintz’s friends, Mr. Ruby and his wife, Ontario Superior Court Judge Harriet Sachs. Mr. Mintz was doing the cooking. As his friends discussed the “polarizing allegiance to the left or right,” Mr. Ruby cut through the verbal red tape, Mr. Mintz wrote.
“I think it’s all abstractly meaningless,” Mr. Ruby said. 
There are people who do good in the world. And there are people who do not. And we make judgments.
And that, I suspect, has much more to do with the efforts to fell Rob Ford than anything else: They do good; Mr. Ford, in their eyes, does not."
Random bonus: FROM THE NY TIMES: 
Harriet Sachs buddy of Wendy Wasserstein.