Tuesday, December 17, 2013

The Jews Who Know Exactly What Iran Is Saying-Amazing Article.

I loved every bit of this article. 

Jews from Arab countries seriously rock.

This is another really cool thing about Jews. We come from everywhere, look like everyone and speak every language.

We see the Jew-haters. We understand them. They cannot hide from the IDF.

Terrific article!

Very inspirational.

I thought this part was especially cool:

"His job at the outset, he said, keeping his description deliberately vague, “was translating the intelligence data of what, we’ll say, was attainable.”

"In those days the Persian desk at Military Intelligence was both smaller than today and mostly staffed by what the IDF calls lahagistim – those that knew the lahag, or dialect, either as a mother tongue or from relatives around the house. M. was sent to officers’ school, after repeated requests, and was put in charge of a platoon of soldiers that translated raw intelligence."

"He remained in similar posts until 2004-5, at which time the army “needed to step up” its Persian instruction, he said. M. was charged with putting together Military Intelligence’s Persian-language instructional manual and helped shape all Persian instruction in the intelligence corps. 

Within seven months we can take someone from nothing and make them qualified,” he said.