Thursday, January 9, 2014

Very Interesting Heirarchy of "Human Rights" At York University, Religion Trumps Equal Rights?

A male student at York university claims that working with women is against his religious views. 

The male student's religion has not been identified but he's already gone running to the Ontario Human Rights Commission. York University has (surprise) capitulated to gender apartheid.

I suspect that York has become a sharia enforcer.

I have never heard of any Jew at a university in Canada refusing to work with a woman on a school project.

(I believe these are a matter of public record, so I'm going to take a peek.)

This is what happens in soft, supine democracies when leftist radicals take over. The idea of human rights is perverted and a hierarchy of victimhood must be established.

This is an interesting quote:

"The student’s religious identity is unclear because human rights rules bar a professor from asking a student their religion. However, based on the student’s name, Grayson surmised that he is either an Orthodox Jew or Muslim."

Really? I don't know about you, but I've never mixed up a Jewish and a Muslim name.