Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Who Sports the Most Stylish Royal Beard of Modern Times?

Inquiring minds want to know. 

Personally, I think Harry is adorable and I love the beard on him.

What's not to like?
Prince Hairy: Harry, sporting a full beard, and fellow Walking With The Wounded trekkers, including the Team US coach, Swedish actor Alexander Skarsgard, were given a tour of NSF's Amundsen-Scott Pole Station
This is Prince Harry after his South Pole adventure. He is with other handsome scruffy, men. There is a woman there also but I am not terribly interested in her.

And here is Mark Steyn completely and truly laughing his head off at the global warming scientists who got stuck in ice.

("Too good to be true?!" HA! EVIL. I love it.)

"On Douglas Mawson’s original voyage, he and his surviving comrade wound up having to eat their dogs. [Ed. note: If Obama was on board, the dogs might not be safe, if you catch my ice drift...] I’m not sure there were any on this expedition, so they’d probably have to make do with the Guardian reporters."

"Forced to wait a year to be rescued, Sir Douglas later recalled, ‘Several of my toes commenced to blacken and fester near the tips.’ Now there’s a man who’s serious about reducing his footprint."

Exit question: 

Prince Harry and Mark Steyn.

Separated at birth or secret love child? 

Here is some ice appropriate music while you think that one through.