Thursday, May 8, 2014

Israel Hayom Making Huge Gains in Israeli Media Market

This is good-why? 

Because it's one of the only non-leftist publications in Israel. It is a free, daily newspaper. It's pretty good!

The Jerusalem Post has good stuff, but frankly their pop-up ads are so annoying and the site so ugly that it's not a pleasure to read.

I like the layout of the Times of Israel, but find some of their stuff way too squishy-left for me.

Israel National News is a good source of opinion and news and it's from a religious Zionist perspective.

Anyway, back to Israel Hayom:

"Sure, Israel Hayom stands out, but not necessarily because of its business model. Israel Hayom has refused to become another mouthpiece for the Left. A large segment of the population that had been silenced on a daily basis was finally given a voice when this paper launched. This publication boasts a plurality of opinions; it provides the readers a variety of choices, and by doing so it has hurt Yedioth Ahronoth's balance sheet."

"So essentially what we have is competition."

 "We are fighting over the right to provide you, the readers, with news. Some businesses are willing to pay for this platform but unfortunately the Knesset has too many lawmakers who disregard the very idea of competition; they do not like the idea of letting people make their own choices. Those people are responsible for the creeping Bolshevism that has resulted in more and more civil liberties being denied. First they wanted to control what people think and micromanage their daily lives. Then they imposed restrictions on how you manage your finances and bank accounts. Now they want to regulate what news you can consume."

Sound familiar?