Wednesday, May 7, 2014

The Future of the UK: Clitoral "Cutting Parties"

Hey, call me crazy, but when I think "party" I think nice wine, good company, maybe a BBQ, good music. 

I am really, really, really, really, really not thinking about some toothless lady splicing my clitoris off with a razor blade.

I know-weird, right? 

"The cutting of girls at female genital mutilation "parties" is still going on in Britain and not just taking place abroad, healthcare experts have told MPs."

"The Commons home affairs select committee has heard that "cutters" – often older women – are flown into Britain for the events, at which as many as a dozen girls may be operated on."

Can we stop calling them "cutters" now? Why are these genital predators let into Britain at all?

And what would we do without experts! In government! 

"The health experts were asked for their response to a television and poster campaign to raise awareness of FGM, and to a requirement that any girls who faced a risk of mutilation should have it recorded in their paediatric "red book", which is issued to every child in Britain."

A bloody red book is really going to help. Yup!

And can we stop calling these vicious, child abusing criminals "cutters". It makes them sound like quaint quilting club members.

They are sexual mutilators with religious sanction.