Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Rock Star Giulio Meotti: I Will Not Miss You Mr. Peres


I love this guy. For real!

Thank you.

I was just thinking this and Mr. Meotti put it into words. 

"Peres is personally responsible for hundreds of dead Jews in the 2000-2006 Oslo War by driving Israel to make the biggest mistake in her short history (The Oslo Accords that brought a bunch of killers into Jewish territory and armed them)."

"Peres had one single defining mission: establishing a PLO terrorist state in order to appease the Jew-hating West and to appease 1.3 billion Muslims who are determined to exterminate the Jewish nation and her 6 million Jewish inhabitants. From Metullah to Eilat."

"Peres helped empower the Arabs to make war on the Jews"