Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Steyn: Gun Control-UPDATED

As I have said before: America, I love you but your police are out of control. 

Why do American police murder young men with Down Syndrome, for the "crime" of being mentally retarded?

Why is being Down Syndrome in a movie theater in America a capital offense worthy of EXECUTION?

This is too unbearable, I have avoided every story about poor Ethan because I just can't handle how awful, sad and tragic it is.

Mommy, it hurt. 

I'm weeping. 

This is not "law enforcement".

This is citizenry being targeted unlawfully by armed police with the backing of American courts!

It is disgraceful. Shameful.

The latest insanity:

Dad handcuffed in "Live Free or Die" weenie-filled New Hampshire for protesting pornographic book on child's curriculum.


NYPD keeps raiding dead man's apartment (more than a dozen times), family resorts to putting death certificate on the door. His crime? Turnstile jumping.