Tuesday, December 16, 2014

A Jewish Soldier May Finally, Posthumously, Receive Medal of Honor A Century After His Heroic Deed (However, It Needs Obama's Signature, So Good Luck)

What an incredible story. 

Thanks to Dr.Roy for finding it.

"Nearly a century ago, Sgt. William Shemin raced across a World War I battlefield three times to pull wounded comrades to safety. With all the senior leaders of the platoon wounded or killed, the 19-year-old survived a bullet to the head and led his unit to safety."

"The heroism should have earned Shemin the Medal of Honor, the nation’s highest service medal. But it didn’t, perhaps because discrimination was rampant in the military — and he was Jewish."

"Thanks to the efforts of his now 85-year-old daughter, Shemin is on the cusp of finally being honored with a medal, 41 years after his death."

"The Senate on Friday passed the $585 billion defense bill. A small provision allows President Obama to bestow the Medal of Honor to Shemin. The last hurdle is Obama’s signature on the defense bill."