Wednesday, December 17, 2014

The UK Is Screwed: The Lying Lies of the Lying Elites

Regular people were not consulted about mass immigration to the United Kingdom. The elites, in their wisdom, decided to undertake the process of culturcide on behalf of the unwashed masses.

So, in order to continue the slow decline, they lie and lie and lie again. 


"Labour MPs have been secretly ordered not to campaign on immigration because doing so could cost them the next election, the Telegraph can reveal."

"A private strategy document circulated by Labour HQ and seen by this newspaper warns that the bigger immigration becomes as a campaign issue the more votes the party will lose."

"MPs are told to focus on "moving the conversation on" if voters express concerns about border controls to topics Labour is stronger on such as healthcare or housing. They are also urged not to send leaflets on immigration to all voters because it could be "unhelpful" and "risks undermining the broad coalition of support we need to return to government".

This part is probably the most disgusting nugget: 

"The revelations are a major embarrassment for Ed Miliband, who is expected to tell voters Labour understands their immigration concerns and harden the party's stance on cheap foreign workers in a major speech on Monday."

Public lies and faux empathy, private seething contempt. 

Just "move the conversation on", ignore the people and their legitimate concerns, lie your way through your public appearances, and carry on wrecking a once great nation.