Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Mark Steyn: By The Way, About That Hospital in Pakistan

"By the way, re that hospital the survivors of the schoolhouse massacre were taken to: do you know who Lady Reading Hospital is named after? The Marchioness of Reading was born Alice Cohen, the daughter of a Jewish merchant in London. She married a barrister called Rufus Isaacs, who in 1921 as Lord Reading became Viceroy of India - the first Jew to hold the highest office in the Raj. (He was also the first Jew to serve as Britain's Foreign Secretary and as Lord Chief Justice of England. He's buried in the Jewish Cemetery at Golders Green.) Alice Reading devoted her time as vicereine to charity and health issues, and was the driving force behind the construction of proper medical facilities in Peshawar."

"So here we are nine decades later: Jew-hate is endemic among the hard men of Islam."

"But, when it comes to treating wounded Muslim schoolchildren, the only game in town is a hospital founded by a Jew."