Saturday, December 27, 2014

Mark Steyn Is Soooo Bored of Preening Narcissists Spewing Moral Equivalence

And when he says bored, he means REALLY PISSED.

"Where are the crusader websites and YouTube videos that urge them on? Where is "the Christian State" whose artfully filmed executions of journalists and aid workers have helped recruit thousands of disaffected young men? Where are the Christian groups willing to burn a teacher to death and shoot his pupils in the name of Christ? What is the Christianist equivalent of "Allahu Akbar"? Where is the crusader flag of St George being held aloft by hostages from the café window?"

"One likes to assume that the moral equivalists are at some level just putting us on - and that, were Mr Morjaria to find himself in a Sydney coffee shop or passing a police station in Joué-lès-Tours when some cheery fellow ries "Allahu Akbar!", he would retain, shriveled and emaciated as it is, sufficient of a survival instinct to dive for cover. But I'm beginning to doubt it."

"Most of those beheaded by the Islamic State are guys who thought as Mr Morjaria did - that these Muslims get a terrible press from all the Islamophobes, so let's go to the Levant and show the world what splendid chaps they are. "

"That's why Christopher Stevens, a believer in the Arab Spring, went to Libya, and died there. That's why Daniel Pearl got in the car with the savages who chopped his head off and sent it round the world on a viral snuff video. Shiv Morjaria is more fortunate: he has not, yet, been called upon to die for his illusions."

Steyn calls the piece Alone For Christmas, which of course is a direct reference to the Christians, regular every day Christians who have tragically found themselves with an empty chair at their Christmas table as a result of their loved one being slaughtered by a jihadist terrorist. 

But as I read it, I thought to myself that it is Christians all over the world-particularly in the Middle East who are completely on their own-totally alone because they are Christians. All over the Middle East-except in Israel-Christians are alone at the world's table and nobody is at their side. Where Christian communities thrived, uninterrupted for thousands of years, churches are turned into jihadist slaughter houses, Christian girls are raped and tortured and sold and Christian children are butchered for their belief in Jesus. Alone for Christmas indeed-alone because of Christianity absolutely.


The suicide of Europe: 

Also related, if you don't already, I would urge you to follow all news and utterances from Father Gabriel Nadaf from Israel. He speaks the truth about Middle Eastern Christianity and he is one of the bravest Christian souls in the entire Middle East-perhaps the world. 

The other bit in this wonderful Steyn post is about the spectacularly gloomy and Steynian demographic reality check from Japan. 

Solo weddings? 

I hear you can go blind from that.