Tuesday, December 30, 2014

In Which Mark Steyn Wonders If Hitler Had His Own Bagpipe Catching Brigade

This a great clip from The Arena, with Michael Coren interviewing Mark Steyn.

The interview is filled with a lot of great topics and I found myself nodding my head and thinking YES EXACTLY more times than I can count.

But it was the bagpipe speculation that really made me laugh out loud.

Plus, I like the new term "micro-tyranny" and I think we ought to hashtag that baby and get it out there with a sad face photo a la Michelle Obama.

That term, of course-a really magnificent Steynism, is a direct hit on the stupid lefty idiocy "micro-agression" which should be mocked into oblivion by civilized persons.

(I still think 'excitable lads' is one of the best Steynisms ever, ever EVAH EVAH...)

Clearly, you  cannot be a "free" person if you exist in a regime of "micro-tyranny".

When you add up all the "micro-tyrannical" intrusions into your life, and into the life of your children and family, you cannot help but come to the conclusion that the free world is actually not so free anymore.

Currently, freedom is relatively illusory and each of us has a responsibility to tackle the "micro-tyranny" in our midst. Eventually our 'micro' pushbacks inevitably cause a macro shift. As I always say, do what you can, not what you can't-even if doing what you can simply means making a joke or saying "that's bullshit" when presented with a preposterous narrative or social justice project at the expense of your children. What are you so afraid of?