Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Brandeis University: A Festering Sh&thole of Censorship, Cop Hatred and Thugs

Who on earth would pay $60,000 a year for this crap presented as "higher education"? And where do these people get that kind of money from anyway? 

This is basically what it's about: 

"When it comes to race, the left always wants it both ways. Khadijah Lynch’s black supremacist tweets are defended, but a conservative quoting them is hate speech."

And note that Daniel and his family are now being threatened: 

"Mael, as well as his immediate and extended family (including his grandmother), have since received threatening messages and harassing phone calls to their homes…"

"Campus police have advised Mael that he will be a target when he returns to campus, and that it is reasonable to expect that his tires may be slashed, his car keyed, and that other violent acts may be perpetrated against him. Mael has also been advised not to travel alone on campus during the day or night and to carry a bottle of mace."


Instead of punishing the thugs or making THEM feel threatened, they warn the victim that he should expect to be terrorized. 

Disgusting and shameful. 

Shame on Brandeis University-the entire university-and their idiot keystone cops.