Wednesday, December 24, 2014

The Man List From SUN TV

This is good.

By the way, the lumberjack look comes from gay villages. If you don't believe me, ask the guys from HillBuzz who told me about it coming a few years ago. Whatever man look is popular in the gay village will, a few years later, head to mainstream menswear. So there. 

I would add to this list that men cannot use more "product" than me. 

And, they cannot spend more time or money on their hair than me, have highlights, etc... 

These guys can't swing an axe or fix a tire or use a drill. That is a problem. 

This was a funny one: "Angry White Dude Speaks to Moisturizer". 

(Hysterically funny...) 

Obviously, I'm not in the market anymore (21st anniversary this month) but I do like to look-husband calls me The Editor, with my running commentary on everyone and everything. So, I notice that men with confidence who exude, wait for better with the ladies. And when women are women and feminine and men are men and masculine, everything just seems to work out better. 

Generally speaking, the men that I see in Toronto, or have even brief social encounters with are so NOT masculine that when I do see or chat with a man that exudes masculinity it's like a thunderbolt. 

Interestingly, I did encounter this twice this month so perhaps there is hope?!!?!?