Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Six "Golden Rules" For "Dinner Parties" That I Would Never, Ever Follow

You just can't take me anywhere.

FOR REAL.  Don't take me anywhere like this. EVER.

Thank G-d I am not invited to such stuffy, puffy, silly things. 

When I have friends over for dinner, it's just called "having friends over for dinner" (or coffee, or brunch). It's not called A Dinner Party.

Because it's not called A Dinner Party, there are no "rules". I mean seriously, how much fun could possibly be had with such a detailed playbook and such silly, iron clad rules???


I don't have a rule book. I follow the K.I.S.S rule:

Keep It Simple, Stupid.

(That's me, stupid!)

What does KISS mean?

Good, simple food and plenty of it-and definitely things that I make really, really well. Beer, wine-l'chaim nothing fancy. No music because I can't handle lots of background noise-the kids and the conversation are plenty of loud, plenty plenty plenty.

Yes, friends can bring either a dessert or a salad, thank you very much for asking-I appreciate it and love new flavours and that's one less thing for me to work on! And if I have all those things organized I say 'just come and bring your appetite'.

Tea or coffee after. I make a FANFARKINGTASTIC latte and a mean espresso.