Thursday, December 11, 2014

Dear Liberal Extremists Who Just Happened to Have Been Born Jewish

Tikkun Olam is not in the Torah. 

"Now, the actual phrase “tikkun olam” goes back many centuries – although it’s not used even once in the Hebrew Bible. It appears most prominently in an important prayer (the Aleinu) and in Kabbalah – Jewish mysticism. But the term never referred to a broad program of social change until very, very recently."

"In the last half-century, though, tikkun olam has become the catchall phrase for advocacy of goals that are nearly all left-of-center: environmental activism, feminism, nuclear disarmament, universal health care, gay marriage, urban renewal, reproductive rights for women, and more. And make no mistake: tikkun olam as it’s used today grew out of recent liberal American politics, and is not a value uniting the Jewish community across space and time."

You're welcome.