Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Douglas Murray: The Name That "Does Not Matter"

Astute observations on the decline of the formerly Great Britain, from Douglas Murray via Gatestone. 

"Last week the news arrived that the most popular name given to boys in the UK in 2014 was "Mohammed." The reactions and non-reactions to this story betrayed the deep unease and denial that are now part of the debate around Islam in modern Britain."

"Each year this leads to a fruitful and interesting debate about whether the reason why this name has come so high up the list of most popular boy's names is because all the different variants of the spelling have been clumped together or whether the name is lower down than it would be because they have been kept apart. This is a now traditional annual debate in Britain."

"This year, the story came out with an added twist: whichever way you cooked it, it looked as if "Mohammed" had come out on top. This seemed to be the case with the Office for National Statistics official figures for England and Wales and this latest one, from the "Baby Centre." It was the latter that garnered a particular amount of attention. In the war between "Oliver" and "Mohammed" to reach the top spot, this poll came to the conclusion that if you put "Muhammad," "Mohammed" and "Mohammad" together, the variations brought the name to the top by a considerable margin."

"And so, with the facts apparently all in this time, the debate moved on to another stage. The debate moved on to: "So what?"