Monday, December 8, 2014

Famous "Coexistence" Photograph A Totally Staged Fake

Imagine my surprise. 

The 1993 photo portrayed what seems to be a Jewish and Arab boy with their arms around each other while overlooking Jerusalem, and exemplified hopes for peace in Israel during the Oslo peace process.
"But the two youngsters were actually both Israeli Jews — Zvi Shapiro, 11, wearing a skullcap; and Zemer Aloni, 12, sporting a Palestinian keffiyeh."

"The photo, taken by American photojournalist Ricki Rosen, was originally shot for the Canadian news magazine Maclean’s and was reproduced countless times."

"In an article published Sunday by the Jewish daily Forward, Rosen admitted the image was staged."

It was a symbolic illustration,” she explained. 

“It was never supposed to be a documentary photo.”