Monday, December 15, 2014

I Love You America, But Your Police Are Out of Control

"You are a teabagger!!" 

Long Island mom sues for wrongful arrest (politically motivated) and wins.

Good on her. 

"This was the ultimate rude awakening," she said

"At any given time, anybody can be arrested and can be held on excessive or no bail."

Umm, I know I'm just a Jewish mom from Canada, but is that really the way it is in America?

Or I guess the question is more: is that the way it SHOULD be in America? 

This is how her lawyer describes the events: 

Ms Genovese was subjected to a level of abuse because they did not share the same political views as she did and saw this as an excuse to deny her even the most basic civil rights.."

That is absolutely appalling in an allegedly constitutional republic. An allegedly civilized society. It's quite unforgivable actually, but the articles do not note that anyone has lost their job. 

She fought back, with a law suit, but actually, she's actually quite lucky just to be alive. 

She just have easily could have been shot to death by the over zealous, anti "tea bag" police who "did not share the same political views". 

(Translation: lefty police.) 

That is usually what happens in tyrannical banana republics. Not constitutional republics. Just a helpful reminder. 

You're welcome.

Had she been shot to death by the over-zealous anti "tea-bag" officers(s) then she would have been just a statistic and nobody would remember her name except her family and friends, of course.

So very many of these situations end much worse. 

And when I say worse, I mean DEAD. 

The police, in democracies, are civil servants and they work for you-the people. 

When  public servants can point loaded weapons at you with impunity, throw you in jail and deny you your basic rights because you "did not share the same political views" it's goodbye democracy. 

This is a terrifying case indeed, and another reminder of the fragility of democracy. 

It is also a reminder that humans-even in the most respectable occupations, even those that are quite literally your servants (as you pay their salary), can be quite terribly flawed, contemptuous and corrupt-often with lethal consequences.