Friday, December 12, 2014

Mark Steyn on Liberal Men (Love This)


"so-called liberal men say the foulest thing, most misogynist things about female bloggers, such as Michelle Malkin, for example, absolute, there’s very few things as misogynist as the dweeby, liberal male when it comes to Michelle Malkin or Michele Bachmann, or Sarah Palin, or anybody else.."

Read the whole transcript, because when you get to read the interview, you see that there are always delicious little gems that fly by in real time, such as this:

"...modern American liberalism is not about principle. It’s about power."

So true, so true.

And this bit about Hillary Clinton's "empathy" comment (which I believe should simply be inscribed on the gravestone of the American Republic-R.I.P, Republic...)

"In the streets of Cairo, in Tahrir Square, we called it the Facebook revolution, and thought that somehow they all wanted, all the big, bearded men wanted to be like nice, little Obama pajama boys, and all the covered women wanted to be like Sandra Fluke. And it turned out they wanted something entirely different."


"She’s got a tin ear when it comes to empathy. She doesn’t, she’s not actually capable of getting inside the head of Iranian mullahs who seriously believe in Islamic imperialism, and exporting their nuclear technology around the world. She’s seriously incapable of getting inside the head of Czar Putin in the Kremlin who wants to reconstitute a Russian empire and a Russian protection umbrella over Eastern Europe. And you’d be surprised how far west his definition of Eastern Europe goes. She’s totally incapable of empathizing of any meaningful empathy with what is psychologically driving those guys."

Steyn's explanation of her not being capable of getting in their heads is plausible-i.e not malignant.

With Obama, one can only conclude that he is sympatico with them, as Steyn says "more ideological" (diplomatic of him). 

Obama is inside their heads and he likes what he sees. He lives there as well.