Thursday, December 4, 2014

Some of the Bravest People in Israel And What They Are Doing

Love this woman.

She is so gutsy, so brave and patriotic and in the summer, during the war in Israel I saw her on Israeli TV literally blasting the crap out of the anti-Israel Israeli Arab crowd. She correctly identified the Jewish left as more of a threat to Israel than the minorities in Israel.  Her Hebrew is perfect, her sons are fighters in the IDF and she is a very ballsy broad.

And then, there is this magnificently brave man and his equally inspiring son. 

If you do not know about Father Nadaf and his bravery, I urge you to get to know him and support him and certainly pray for him and his whole family because they are, no doubt, in grave danger all the time.

"Judaan Nadaf, the son of prominent Israeli Greek Orthodox priest Father Gabriel Nadaf, joined the IDF this week."

"Jubran voluntarily joined an elite IDF unit, while accompanied by Father Gabriel Nadaf at the recruitment office in Tiberias. On his Facebook page, Father Nadaf stated that his son joined “out of a sense of mission and belonging and the aspiration to contribute to his country Israel.”

"Jubran Nadaf was the target of a violent hate crime in December 2013. Opponents of Father Nadaf targeted the son and beat him in the streets of Nazareth.

"After the attack, Father Gabriel Nadaf issued a statement proclaiming that “[M]y son very much wants to enlist, in the near future, and serve in a combat unit. He believes in what I do, that we all have a home here, that he also needs to give to the country. The country gives him his rights, and should receive what it is due in return. We all need to live here in peace, and protect the existence of the country that we live in, since our future is here.”

May G-d bless and keep this incredibly brave and inspiring individuals.