Monday, December 15, 2014

Steyn: Emasculated and Enkindled

"The problem with a victim culture is that so many people want to join the ranks of victimhood that eventually you run short of oppressors."


Related-it's that time of the year, holidays, shopping, making a list, checking it twice, etc...

Thus, the SteynFrau Holiday Gift List has begun.

Scaramouche wants a Steyn Bobblehead. 

Evil, dastardly seeeeekrit Jew Kathy Draidlebaum doesn't seem to articulate her list, but notes that Mark Steyn has a cover version of All I Want for Christmas Is You.

(It's really good and catchy-remember always Trust in Jew for Christmas music recommendations.)

Unfortunately, I don't see where to click if all I want for Kwanza Festivus Christmas Chanukah is Mark Steyn but that's got to be some kind of crazy technical glitch on the web site...


Must look into that later today.