Friday, February 27, 2015

British Editor Poses Question on Free Speech. Mark Steyn Answers.

Daily Mail editor Paul Dacre: 

" we need to rethink liberal assumptions about free speech that have been the basis of so much of our culture for so long?"
Mark Steyn replies: 

"Paul Dacre, the editor of The Daily Mail, was my boss at its sister paper The Evening Standard many years ago, and is without question a brilliant and ingenious editor. But that disgusting sentence is almost enough to have me reaching for the scimitar. This is what a supposedly robust, fearless, "conservative" newspaper thinks is the solution - to trade core English liberties for a quiet life."

"No, you dummy."

"You use your free-speech rights to argue fearlessly against the monsters Britain has incubated in its midst, and you insist on unbounded freedom of expression in order to have the widest, most open and honest conversation about what to do..."