Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Security is the New "Shut Up": Jewish Community Radio Station in Copenhagen Shuts In Wake of Terror Attack

The victims continue to be punished for merely wanting to live and breathe as Jews. 

"Security" is the new shut up and shut down. 

How anyone can look at the situation and not feel the ghosts of the Holocaust in their bones is beyond me. The Jews who stay in Europe are not 'defiant', but rather unfortunately, tempting fate. That's upsetting, but it's the reality. 

The Rabbi from London, quoted below, has a grip on reality. He sees the truth. He also knows that what is starting with Jews, will never end with the Jews. It's bigger, more sinister and so few people are willing to understand just how young, fragile and vulnerable our democracies are. Thus he notes that these attacks are not "just" about Jews, but rather:

"There is an attack on western European democracy and its values."

From Copenhagen, this report: 

 "For the first time in the station’s history, Radio Shalom did not broadcast its usual blend of programs about Jewish culture, music and history on Monday evening."

In Europe of 2015, Jews cannot even broadcast a radio show from a crappy basement studio, or send their children to Jewish school. These are the facts. Jews are being instructed to stay indoors, for their own good, for their 'security'. 
"The control board located in a basement in Nørrebro was silenced for what host Abraham Kopenhagen called "security reasons"."

"The radio station was not the only Jewish institution in Copenhagen that chose to shut its doors following the weekend's attacks, which included the fatal shooting of 37-year-old Dan Uzan, a guard standing in front of the synagogue on Krystalgade by Omar Abdel El-Hussein. The Jewish school Carolineskolen was also closed yesterday."

There is much fear; people are afraid to go to synagogue,” Rabbi Menachem Margolin from the organisation European Jewish Community told DR Nyheder."

"Rabbi Barry Marcus from London Central Synagogue called the weekend’s attacks “very uncomfortable, very disturbing and extremely troubling”.

"Rabbi Marcus said that simply beefing up security is not enough."

For us it is very clear what is happening in Europe,” he said.

“There is an attack on western European democracy and its values.”

My prediction is that the attacks on Israeli PM Netanyahu will grow louder and louder, the calls for European Jews to stay put will grow more visceral and pathetic as more details are told, and the sordid reality of European Jewish "life", if we can even call it that, start reluctantly bubbling up to the surface of the general media consciousness.

Via Tim Blair: City Doomed-A Floral Tribute (To the Killers) 

As per Mark Steyn: Don't say you weren't warned.