Sunday, February 15, 2015

Mark Steyn: The Morning After

First of all, thanks to Mark Steyn his moral fortitude in recognizing the threats facing the Jews and Western civilization, and for being a voice of sanity in a crazy, deteriorating world.

Please read Steyn's "The Morning After" for his non-random thoughts on the latest non-random murders in Eurabia.

Elsewhere, Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu rightly calls for European Jewry to make aliyah to Israel as local Rabbis try to hush him up and in their idiocy-try to pretend there is a Jewish future in Europe, on the blood-soaked ground of that continent.

(Canada could, and should also be facilitating Jewish immigration.)

The suspect was a "known wolf", with a criminal record, who was likely "inspired by Paris" and does not sound Amish.

Meanwhile, back in France, hundreds of "random" graves were desecrated, randomly, in a Jewish cemetery.

And Middle Eastern Christians, of course, aren't faring any better.

It's very hard to discuss the Crusades, as President Obama would have us do, without Christian heads attached to necks.

Kurds also await their murders in cages.

Back in Londanistan, the artist who created the Poppy tribute installation, received a number of death threats. Nothing to see here.

My heart soars and breaks as it looks like little six year old Harry may be the only one in the UK with enough spirit to save the Queen.

G-d help and save the Queen, and G-d help us all.

America is of no use to the free world. America, under Obama, has turned friends into enemies and enemies into friends. He is a truly evil man. 

President Selfie Stick remains very busy either on the golf course, taking idiot pictures of his disgusting self, and of course, punishing Israel. Those damned, uppity Jews just want to live and breathe and gosh darn it-that must not continue to happen on his watch.