Sunday, February 15, 2015

"Dan Stopped the Terrorist With His Body"

This is what's known in Jewish tradition as dying for Kiddush Hashem, sanctifying G-d's name.

"We were dancing and rejoicing when suddenly the second Jewish guard entered and told us to turn off the music," recalled Mita."

"We didn't know there were shots fired outside. Afterwards he entered again and yelled: 'Everybody down.' We quickly ran to the secured room downstairs, which is the bathroom, and sat there for two hours until the Danish officers came to our rescue."

"The mother said they were downstairs with 15 children who were without their parents: "I was responsible for them." Her husband received a walkie-talkie from the Jewish guard and was notified of Uzan's death."

There is a time for stoicism and to say 'they won't scare us away', but there is also a point at which you must cut your losses and realize that you are risking your family's life. If you are a Jew living somewhere, where you need armed guards to watch over you as you pray or celebrate, then it damned well might as well be Israel. 

"Mita is an Israeli citizen who made aliyah in the 90's and later returned to Denmark."

 "Because we have our parents and our family in Denmark we chose to stay here, because life is good in here and we are also Danes. We are very proud of that," she said." 

This is simply a delusional statement.

Sorry, lady but you are Jews first-then anything else. You may think you are Danish Jews, but in the end, for the terrorists, you are Jews. Just Jews. Not that the terrorists are "Danes" either, by the way. For them it's just a passport and/or a welfare cheque, and not much more.

"This is our home and no one has the right to say that this is not my home. Denmark is my country. My family has lived here for a 100 years. The terrorists will not scare us away just like they won't scare you from Israel. I say thank you very much, Bibi, I love Israel – but Denmark is my home."

This is terribly naive and stubborn. This is not a demonstration of strength and resolve, but rather an expression of being block-headed, near-sighted and unwisely tempting fate as Europe declines further and terrorist attacks become ever more frequent.